The Word up taken from Pop Up Opera Logo Picture of Julia Child Character holding whisk Bon Appetit logo

Pop Up Opera brings short, self-contained musical performances to non-traditional performance venues, surprising audiences with operatic encounters when and where they least expect it.

Our current production is Bon Appetit! a one-woman opera adapted from a classic Julia Child television broadcast and set to music by composer Lee Hoiby. Melissa Collom stars as the master chef demonstrating how to make a classic French chocolate cake as only she can. Hoiby’s lively score illuminates Child’s words and witticisms, taking the audience on a musical journey to match the culinary adventure unfolding before their eyes. (For more information about the show click here.)

During the 20-minute performance, mezzo-soprano Melissa Collom channels Child’s energy and enthusiasm to prepare “Le Gateau au Chocolate l’Eminence Brune” with real ingredients as she sings. (To learn more about Melissa, click here.)

For more information or book a performance e-mail us at or call (970) 274-2145.